Welcome to SaferUS, your ultimate source for the responsible and competent use of firearms in personal protection and self-defense.

The Mythical Griffin is a mix between an eagle and a lion. Historically associated with strength in conflict, the Griffin’s character is marked by knowledge, intelligence, honour and wisdom. And are best known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions The Griffin’s primary purpose is to protect what is most sacred, life, life itself.

–Vita O Morte


The foundation of our teaching and training is that every individual who has chosen to use a firearm for personal protection is personally responsible for the effective, knowledgeable and skilled use of that firearm. The core of that personal responsibility is reality based education and training. As teachers and trainers, SaferUS’ instructors are absolutely committed to the highest possible professional standards. We are dedicated to whatever it takes to help our clients achieve, maintain, practice their personal responsibility to the best of their abilities. And to win!

That is a lot of high-sounding principles, and we mean it all. It may be a cliché, but your education and training is truly a journey. Our goal is to be your long term partner on that journey.

For a clear understanding of what we will provide and what you can expect our partnership will be based upon:

  • The best possible learning environment and opportunity we can provide
  • A learning environment marked by mutual respect
  • Our dedication to the continued development of outreaching and training skills


We have been asked the question: “How does the SaferUS FCCL class compare to others?” One of the first lessons we teach is to critically evaluate everything you are taught – including what you hear from us. Base what you do on facts and logic. To answer that question we checked the facts. Over the past few months our people have attended classes conducted by other instructors. We decline to criticize other classes (after all, we’re all gun people). Bottom line, we are very pleased with how we measure up and have not changed either what we teach or how we teach.

Our comparison involved two separate areas: 1) quality and quantity of the substance taught; and 2) value for the price.

Substance. All classes taught the minimums required by the law. Areas where our clients received way more than the minimum include:
1) Intense hands-on focus upon proper holster use/firearm presentation
2) Intense mental preparation within the context of laws:
a. Scenario analysis for law and duty
b. Situational awareness
c. Tactical habits and avoidance
d. Action plan for after the class
3) High instructor to student ratio with substantial personal coaching
4) Live fire opportunity beyond the minimum qualification


Other than private instruction and the occasional private group class, we are now focused exclusively on Illinois Conceal Carry classes. Once demand for that certification class has diminished, we will resume courses such as tactical shotgun, tactical rifle, advanced defensive shooting, and various NRA courses (Inside the Home, Outside the Home, etc.).

Illinois CCL Course

The State of Illinois has broadly outlined the minimum requirements of the CCL course as:

As a prelude, please note that this is not a class where you will learn to shoot. We anticipate that you will live fire 100 rounds (and the Illinois qualification standard will require 30 rounds). Prior to participating in our class you should acquire and practice the ability to safely handle and accurately fire your pistol.

We will not teach to their bare minimum. Instead, within the context of those minimal requirements we will add several substantive lessons that are crucial to competent conceal carry. For example, a significant amount of range time will be “cold” and will include extensive dry handling and practice from your holster and in response to various levels and types of threat. In the “legal” portion, you will learn the basics of the law and then will have several scenarios in which you will need to interactively apply that law. There will be intense focus on helping you define to whom you intent to owe what duty (in what situations will you get involved). Since you cannot lose a gunfight that never happens we will focus upon avoidance and your situational awareness/habits. This will be a mentally intense 16 hours.

Once you’ve completed this beginning class, comply with the balance of the State’s requirement, and receive your CCL each of these topics can easily be the subject of additional study and training. As one of our trainers who has been in several gunfights can attest, everything happens very quickly and your short term cognitive and physical abilities will be reduced during that time. It is therefore critical that you prepare ahead of time so that you can act and react from preparedness. Making it up as you go along is a recipe for devastating manifestations and unintended consequences.