Steve Stanislaus

With over 25 years experience in security and law enforcement tactics, Steven has attended many training schools across the country.

North East Multi-Regional Training where he earned a firearms instructor certification. Certified as a State of Illinois Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Illinois Law Enforcement Standards and Training Board, Train-the-Trainer, NEMRT Police Training, State of Illinois Registered Firearm Instructor with the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (#263.000460) Steven is also a National Rifle Association certified Training Counselor/Instructor as a Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Advanced Defensive Pistol Instructor, Rifle, Shotgun, Chief Range Officer and is a United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Certified Training Counselor/Instructor.

Steven also holds Armorer certifications from HK (MP5-Benelli-USP), Colt (O-frames), and Colt (M16/AR-15 rifle). He has also completed intensive training in Field Medicine, Medical Response in Hostile Environments and is current in First Aid, CPR/AED.

Greg Cheney

Graduating from law school in 1976, with honors, Greg and his family moved to Rockford where he established a multi-state legal practice (from which he retired several years ago) focusing principally in the area of labor and employment matters. During his legal career and since, Greg has engaged in other diverse businesses, in the course of which he has cultivated his love of teaching others. In his role as a Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA and United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)Training Counselor/Instructor, he has focused principally on self-defense shooting and related skills. A dedicated student and champion of the Second Amendment and its progeny, personal responsibility, Greg’s teaching style is structured to make you think and to apply his lessons to the real world. His mantra is: I am responsible for my choices. I am responsible for my results. I am responsible for me and those I protect.