Concealed Carry Training

Illinois Concealed Carry
Advance Concealed Carry

NRA Certified

Classes: Basic Pistol
Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun
Refuse to be a victim
Home Firearm Safety
Personal Protection in the Home
Personal Protection Outside the Home
Advance Defensive Pistol

NRA Instructor Certification

Certified Pistol Instructor
Certified Rifle Instructor
Certified Shotgun Instructor
Certified PPITH Instructor
Certified PPOTH Instructor
Certified Refuse to be a Victim Instructor
Certified Home Firearm Safety Instructor
Chief Range Safety Officer Instructor

Specialized Training

Defensive Tactics
Advanced Tactics
Advanced Handgun Defense
Tactical Shotgun
Vehicle Defense
EMS- Dealing with Conceal Carry
Defensive Concealed Carry
Ladies Defensive Handgun
Urban Rifle
Precision Rifle
Field Medicine

Long range Shooting

Close Contact Self-Defense

All-In fighting w/Blade Use

Small Unit Tactics