16 Hour Training Policy



The State of Illinois has established the minimum criteria for CCL curricula, as follows: 2 hours: 4 basic safety rules and pistol knowledge, safe storage in the home, safe storage in a vehicle, safe storage in public; 3 hours: principles of marksmanship; 3 hours: ammunition/pistol knowledge, loading and unloading, holster selection, care and cleaning. The State has also granted “credit” for prior firearm training. In the event of prior training, the State absolutely requires that the minimum for further training include the legal aspects (4 hours minimum) and dry fire/handling and actual qualification firing (four hours minimum). The purpose of this policy is to clarify how SaferUS will incorporate these requirements into its state-approved curriculum.

SaferUS will, of course, recognize the credit so designated by the State for that prior training. In that regard, it is solely the client’s responsibility to properly document that prior training. Despite that credit and prior training, SaferUS will nonetheless require 16 hours of SaferUS training before we will certify a client’s application. SaferUS’ curriculum incorporates the elementary fundamentals of safety and basic knowledge about firearms/ammunition throughout its substantive segments. And then SaferUS teaches more. The reasoning behind this is founded upon our belief that concealed carry is not for the new or novice shooter, but rather is best for those who already have more knowledge and training. That is why our curriculum has additional focus on knowledge and skills specific to concealed carry – especially those the State has identified as “mandatory”.

When questioned by some who have had some prior training or at least certification about why they should invest additional time and money into their CCL training our response is potential liability – both for SaferUS and especially you. From an instructor’s perspective, we have determined to limit our potential liability by certifying only those clients who successfully completed all of the training we know is important. From a clients’ perspective, if you are going to conceal carry, there is a harsh reality that you may be required to draw your firearm and defend yourself by stopping the threat. In such case, envision how you would explain to a judge or jury that a fourth or half of your training was what was taught in the Utah concealed carry classes or even the NRA Basic Pistol class. For example, imagine a prosecutor’s question: “How does knowing the requirements to become a Utah instructor, how to clean your firearm, or being able to name the parts of a revolver or semi-automatic train you what to do in a self-defense situation?” We believe a judge and jury might struggle with any such answer. For those reasons, SaferUS and our clients will go beyond the bare minimums!

We understand that there are those who, for a variety of reasons, do not believe they need SaferUS’ full training. That is certainly everyone’s right. Undoubtedly, those people will be able to find other training that teaches the bare minimum. We would rather miss the opportunity to train to that minimum standard than compromise what we know is important.

Note: the only exception to the 16 hour requirement is for active military and by prior express waiver for cause by an instructor