How do I enroll?

Your spot for the class will be reserved upon receipt of your completed enrollment form and payment.

On your enrollment form why does it says that a client could be dismissed for safety violation, with no refund?

SaferUS is absolutely committed to providing all clients a safe environment. In the interest of everyone’s safety, a client who is unable to comply with those safety requirements will be dismissed. SaferUS is no more responsible for a client’s unsafe actions than for a client’s failure to qualify or to pass a background check.

What is the status of Illinois CCL?

As this is written, the Illinois State Police (ISP) is in the process of vetting/approving CCL instructors. As new instructors are approved, they are posted on the ISP website. Approved CCL instructors will begin training classes once the ISP has approved the curriculum. Each instructor will have substantial discretion in teaching that curriculum. The ISP […]

What are the requirements for my Illinois CCL?

Section 25 of the statute provides that the ISP shall issue a CCL provided the applicant: is at least 21 years of age; has a currently valid F.O.I.D. and continues to meet those requirements; has not been convicted of: A) a misdemeanor involving the use or threat of force within 5 years preceding the application, […]

When I successfully complete my class from SaferUS what will I have?

In addition to training to our highest professional standards, you will receive certification for the necessary training certification for the shooting qualification an opportunity to complete your digital fingerprinting from a vendor at the class  direction and assistance in properly completing the ISP application  specific instruction on the requirements of the photo In short, this […]

What should I bring to the class?

In addition to an open mind, learning attitude, and an absolute commitment to absolute safe firearm handling, you must bring: Your current F.O.I.D. card Your driver’s license or other acceptable photo ID A concealable firearm A concealable holster (preferably one that allows you to reholster your loaded firearm in a safe manner (please note, your […]

How should I dress for the class?

Weapons handling, including holster work, presentation and dry firing, will be taught in a cold range environment, so your clothing must provide adequate concealment. Live fire (principally for the qualification shoot) will be taught outdoors;  you should dress for concealment/access as well as comfort. Finally, footwear should provide adequate comfort and stability.