Defensive Shotgun in the Home

08/16/2015 (8:00 am - 4:00 pm)

Please call for availability.

Cost $150.00

In the event SaferUS must postpone a class, anyone registered for that class will have the option of attending a subsequent class or receiving a full refund.

This course covers safe deployment and use of the shotgun for home defense.  Students will learn the correct manipulation of their shotgun.  Loading, unloading, and loading while the shotgun is mounted.

Other topics covered will include: firearm selection, patterning, rapid reloads, combat stance, sling deployment, movement, use of cover & cornering, shooting on the move, engaging multiple threats, transitions to sidearm and moving threats.


Shotgun with 75 rounds 7.5, 8 or 9 shot.  25 rounds of #4 or #5 field loads (high brass)

Shotgun MUST HAVE a sling permitting muzzle-down.

Your carry sidearm, strong side holster. (50 rounds)

Butt cuff (stock) or side-saddle for extra ammunition

Safety glasses, hearing protection, cap with brim, knee pads

Comfortable clothing and foot wear suitable for training outdoors.

Lunch will be included.


For registration contact Greg at:

If you need help mounting your sling or butt cuff/side-saddle let Greg know when registering.

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