Illinois Conceal Carry 16 Hours

06/03/2017 - 06/04/2017 (7:30 am - 5:00 pm)

Class Hours: 7:30am-5pm)

The State of Illinois has broadly outlined the minimum requirements of the FCCL course as: firearm safety; principles of marksmanship; care, cleaning, loading and unloading; applicable state and federal laws; and, interaction with law enforcement while carrying concealed. We will teach above and beyond that bare minimum. Within the context of those minimal requirements we will add several substantive lessons that are crucial to competent concealed carry. For example, a significant amount of range time will be “cold” and will include extensive dry handling and practice from your holster and in response to various levels and types of threat. In the “legal” portion, you will learn the basics of the law and then will have several scenarios in which you will need to interactively apply that law. There will be intense focus on helping you define to whom you intent to owe what duty (in what situations will you get involved). And, since you cannot lose a gunfight that never happens your training will focus on avoidance and your situational awareness/habits. To enhance the reality of your training, your actual shooting experience will be outdoors. In a nutshell, this will be an intense 16 hour training experience.

We are sensitive to our clients’ very important time commitments and desire to complete their FCCL training on schedule. We are also blessed to have several instructors whose critical knowledge and skills cannot be effectively duplicated and occasionally have weather related issues.. SaferUS has made the policy determination that the substance of what we provide our clients is more important than a strict adherence to a schedule. Due to the special qualifications of some of our instructors or weather limitations, SaferUS may occasionally be required to reschedule all or portions of a class. In such event we will work closely with each client to complete their training as soon as possible.

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